Individualized Care

IC-APSometimes we all need one-on-one attention.
A little extra companionship can often ease the transition, up the celebration and make all the difference when it comes to recreation. At Élan Westpointe, we offer a personalized program that has move-in days, birthdays and holidays covered—just because days, too.

The Ambassador Program
With our Ambassador Program, customized one-on-one packages are offered to meet each resident’s interests, so the options are virtually endless. Here are just a few examples:

▪​ Round of golf and a leisurely lunch
▪​ Matinée at the movies and all the snacks that go with it
▪​ Visit to a favorite museum and favorite restaurant
▪​ Walk and picnic in the park on a perfect afternoon
▪​ Celebratory dinner and theatre, dance or concert tickets
▪​ Morning or afternoon shopping and snacking at the mall

IC-QAAmbassador Program questions? Quick answers here.

The packages are customized and subject to market pricing, so costs will vary—based on length of time scheduled, cost of entrance fees or tickets, any applicable meal expenses and transportation. As a general rule, 4-hour event packages start at $150.

Help plan your loved one’s special day! Contact us as soon as possible so we can source tickets, make any necessary reservations and assign the trained companion best suited for the activity. After the big day, you can expect a written summary and pictures from the event so you will definitely feel like you were a part of it.