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Iris’s My Miracle Moment

Preserving the past has always been a passion for Elan Westpointe Assisted Living and Memory Care resident, Iris. The storied days and tales of the German settlers in her hometown of New Braunfels hold a special place in Iris’ heart, so our Elan Westpointe staff knew the opportunity to revisit her days at The Sophienburg Museum would be just perfect for sharing a Miracle Moment!

Located on the same grounds as the Emmie Seele Faust Memorial Library, the Sophienburg Museum is a place where visitors can discover and explore the rich experiences of those who came before them. But, before any of this could take place, volunteers like Iris were needed to assemble, interpret, translate, record, restore, and archive the massive amount of information that documents the vast collection of stories.

Iris had been instrumental throughout her 23 years at the museum in chronicling the history of those who came to New Braunfels following World War I. Dedicated to local history and German cultural heritage, the museum is a step back to a different time.

Following Iris’ official tenure with the Sophienburg Museum which ended in early 2000, she remained highly involved in the continued growth and success of the program. With a special interest in the volunteers who would follow in her footsteps, Iris remained a steady presence in their training and progression to keeping the memories alive.

Born in 1930, Iris has had the opportunity to see plenty throughout her lifetime. Our Elan Westpointe Miracle Moment team, under the direction of Activity Director Cindy Charlton, capitalized on the opportunity to bring Iris back to a place she revered and cherished greatly. With so much information tucked into her memory over the years along with a trip to the museum archives, Iris’ eyes lit up and she began to recite stories she had shared with museum visitors time and time again.

We knew that a miracle moment indeed, had been made possible for Iris and the volunteer staff that worked alongside her. Iris is near and dear to our Elan Westpointe community and her influence, organization, and reverence for the museum that holds the stories of her forefathers are truly treasures worth remembering.

Thank you, Iris, for making this moment both miraculous and memorable!